How Our Customized Nutritional Program Can Optimize Your Health

It’s no secret that many Americans are lacking in the essential vitamins and nutrients that support good health. But, even the healthiest food, supplemented with traditional powders and vitamins, can fall short when it comes to your nutrition. That’s why our team at Waco Integrated Medical in Woodway, Texas, develops personalized nutritional programs using Vasayo™ supplements and cannabidiol products. As nutritional supplement specialists, we can revitalize your body and optimize your health and wellness. 

The importance of the right nutrition

You already know that your body needs a nutrient-dense diet to stay in peak performance. Unfortunately, most of the foods we consume these days have significantly lower nutritional values because of market demands, farming practices, and soil depletion. 

But, there’s more that comes into play with your nutrition than food alone. You can also experience nutritional deficiencies because of inflammation in your digestive tract or a lack of digestive enzymes. Both of these issues can impact your ability to break down and process food effectively, which can lead to nutrient shortfalls. 

And, reaching for that kick of caffeine in the morning or glass of wine after work can also affect how your body absorbs nutrients. Furthermore, stress and other lifestyle factors can affect absorption, too.

As a result, we’re experiencing more and more nutritional deficiencies on a regular basis, especially with:

Fortunately, our team can help identify the specific nutrients your body needs to optimize your health. After performing a physical exam and lab tests, we can create a customized nutritional program to treat your unique needs, from overall wellness to medically supervised weight loss.

What sets Vasayo apart from other supplements

Our personalized nutritional programs focus on Vasayo supplements, which can help improve your overall health or support your weight loss efforts. Unlike traditional dietary supplements, this proprietary system relies on advanced delivery technology to provide optimal absorption.

One of the problems with traditional supplements is that very little of their beneficial ingredients end up absorbed when you take them. Instead, most supplements pass through your system without providing any benefit. Vasayo nutritional supplements rely on enzymes to deliver key nutrients on a cellular level. This approach not only works to replace lost nutrients in your body, but it ensures faster and more effective absorption. 

Vasayo offers a variety of supplements to address numerous issues, such as: 

In additional to Vasayo nutritional supplements, we also offer cannabidiol products. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant that can give patients a feeling of relaxation and calm, among other things.

To see how a customized nutritional program can optimize your health, book an appointment over the phone with Waco Integrated Medical today.

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